We have carefully designed different sponsorship levels, each providing unique benefits and exposure opportunities. Here are the details:

Potential Brand Partnerships

Swag Bags
Product Inclusion and Swag Bag Sponsorship:

At the simplest level, you can include your products in our swag bags, which will be distributed to media professionals and kink community influencers attending our premieres. This ensures valuable visibility and exposure for your brand among influential individuals in the industry.

Screening Sponsorship
Target it to your Market cities.

Take your sponsorship to the next level by supporting specific screenings within the Kink community worldwide.

With 100+ National and International screenings planned in the next six months, this option offers extensive brand recognition and exposure. Your brand will be prominently displayed during these events, reaching a diverse and engaged audience.

Adult toys and retailers.

For companies seeking maximum visibility and brand integration, we offer an exclusive opportunity to become an official top sponsor.

As a top sponsor, your brand will be prominently featured in all marketing materials, advertisements, and event promotions.

This sponsorship level guarantees the highest level of exposure and allows for strategic brand positioning within the Kink community.


In conjunction with my documentary "tOuch" that celebrates equality and appreciates the power of individuals, a Femtech company can promote itself using effective strategies that align with the film's themes. Here are some approaches they could consider:

Partnership for equality: The Femtech company can establish a partnership with the documentary as an official sponsor, emphasizing their commitment to promoting equality. This collaboration demonstrates their dedication to empowering individuals and ensuring equal access to innovative Femtech solutions.

Showcasing inclusive Femtech solutions: Within the documentary and/or future documentaries, the company can showcase their inclusive Femtech products and services that promote equality in wellness. By featuring their innovative solutions that cater to diverse needs and identities, the company reinforces the message of equal opportunities and appreciation for individual power.

Interviews with thought leaders: The Femtech company can provide platforms for interviews with thought leaders and experts who advocate for equality and inclusivity in healthcare and technology. By sharing their insights and experiences, these individuals contribute to the documentary's narrative and highlight the importance of Femtech in leveling the playing field and promoting equal access to healthcare.

Cross-promotion on platforms promoting equality: Leveraging platforms that focus on promoting equality and inclusivity, the Femtech company can promote the documentary to their target audience. Through social media, websites, and newsletters, they can create content that emphasizes the value of equality and showcases how their Femtech solutions contribute to equal opportunities and empowerment.

Hosting events promoting equality: Organizing events that celebrate equality and inclusivity can complement the documentary's message. The Femtech company can host panel discussions, workshops, or conferences that highlight the intersection of technology, healthcare, and equality. These events provide opportunities to showcase their products, engage with the audience, and foster discussions on promoting equal access and opportunities.

Supporting organizations promoting equality: The Femtech company can demonstrate their commitment to equality by supporting organizations that promote equal access to healthcare and technology. This can include partnerships, donations, or initiatives that contribute to leveling the playing field and bridging gaps in healthcare disparities.

Amplifying diverse voices: The Femtech company can prioritize amplifying diverse voices within their promotional efforts. By featuring individuals from different backgrounds, cultures, and identities, they contribute to the documentary's message of appreciating and valuing the power of all individuals.

By utilizing these strategies, the Femtech company can align itself with the documentary's celebration of female power, equality, promote its products and services, and contribute to the appreciation and empowerment of all individuals. It's important to ensure that all promotional efforts are respectful, inclusive, and promote equal access and opportunities for everyone.


Become an official sponsor of the documentary film "tOuch", and/or future films by Todd "Max" Carey/

This partnership will be mutually beneficial, as the company's brand and products/services can be featured prominently in the film, and the documentary's audience will gain valuable insights and information related to sexual wellness through the company's involvement.

Product placement: The company could strategically place their sex tech products within the documentary. This can be done by integrating the products naturally into relevant scenes or by demonstrating their use in a tasteful and informative manner. It allows the company to showcase their innovative offerings and educate viewers about how these technologies can enhance sexual wellness.

Expert interviews and contributions: The sex tech company could provide industry experts or representatives to be interviewed for the documentary. They can share insights, research findings, or personal experiences related to sexual wellness and the role of technology in improving sexual health and pleasure. This positions the company as a trusted authority and can generate interest and credibility among the film's audience.

Cross-promotion on digital platforms: The sex tech company can leverage social media platforms, their website, and email newsletters to promote the documentary film to their existing customer base. They can create engaging content related to the film, such as behind-the-scenes footage, interviews with the filmmakers, or discussions on the topics covered in the documentary. This approach generates buzz and encourages their audience to watch the film.

Hosting premiere events or screenings: The company can organize premiere events or special screenings of the documentary film, inviting influencers, industry professionals, and enthusiasts in the sexual wellness space. This provides an opportunity to create networking opportunities, generate media coverage, and showcase their brand alongside the film.

Educational resources and supplementary content: The sex tech company can develop educational resources, articles, or videos that delve deeper into the topics covered in the documentary. By offering valuable content related to sexual wellness and technology, they position themselves as a reliable source of information and build trust with the audience.

Cause-driven initiatives: If the documentary film highlights specific social issues or promotes a cause related to sexual wellness, the sex tech company can align themselves with the cause and initiate campaigns or donations to support related organizations. This demonstrates their commitment to making a positive impact and can enhance their brand reputation.

Know that we understand it's crucial for the sex tech company to ensure that their promotional efforts are sensitive, respectful, and align with the ethical considerations surrounding sexual wellness and consent.


Partnering with the documentary can be a powerful way for organizations to contribute to the public good by fostering healthier relationships with pleasure, sexuality, and identity within communities. Here's how organizations can leverage this partnership to promote positive change:

Education and awareness: Organizations can collaborate with the documentary to develop educational content that raises awareness about pleasure, sexuality, and identity. By providing accurate information, debunking myths, and addressing stigmas, they can help empower individuals to make informed decisions and develop a healthier understanding of these aspects of their lives.

Destigmatizing conversations: Through the partnership, organizations can encourage open and inclusive conversations about pleasure, sexuality, and identity. They can support the documentary in creating safe spaces for discussions and sharing personal experiences, fostering a sense of community and understanding.

Integration with public advocacy groups: Organizations can work closely with public advocacy groups focused on pleasure, sexuality, and identity to ensure their efforts align with the needs and goals of these organizations. By collaborating on initiatives, campaigns, and events, they can amplify their impact and reach a broader audience.

Collaborative events and workshops: Organizations can organize events and workshops in collaboration with the documentary and public advocacy groups, focusing on promoting healthy attitudes towards pleasure, sexuality, and identity. These gatherings can offer opportunities for education, skill-building, and community support, fostering a positive and inclusive environment.

Support for marginalized communities: The partnership can provide a platform to address the unique challenges faced by marginalized communities regarding pleasure, sexuality, and identity. Organizations can contribute by supporting initiatives that work towards inclusivity, representation, and empowerment, ensuring that their efforts reach underserved populations.

Resources and tools: Organizations can develop and share resources, tools, and information that help individuals explore and understand their pleasure, sexuality, and identity in a healthy and informed manner. This can include online platforms, guides, or workshops that provide guidance, support, and access to relevant information and services.

Collaborative research and advocacy: Organizations can collaborate with the documentary and public advocacy groups in conducting research to advance understanding and support surrounding pleasure, sexuality, and identity. By advocating for evidence-based policies and societal changes, they can contribute to creating a more inclusive, accepting, and empowering environment for all.

By partnering with the documentary and public advocacy groups, organizations can actively contribute to fostering healthier relationships with pleasure, sexuality, and identity within communities. Through education, destigmatization, collaboration, events, support for marginalized communities, resources, and advocacy, they can help create positive change and promote the public good in these important areas of human experience.

Benefits of Sponsorship:

By becoming a sponsor, you will enjoy a wide range of benefits tailored to each sponsorship level:
* Increased brand awareness within the Kink community and beyond
* Enhanced visibility through logo placement in promotional materials, event signage, and online platforms
* Direct access to a targeted audience of passionate and engaged individuals
* Networking opportunities with industry professionals and media attendees
* Positive brand association through affiliation with our reputable and inclusive events

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